Poster Guideline

Size and Layout

  • Each presenter is provided with A0 (841 mm wide by 1189 mm high or 33.1 inch wide by 46.8 inch high) poster board and will be arranged in vertical format.
  • Please prepare your poster to fit this size as shown in the figure.

Empty Space                       Presentation Title, 
W150mm x H100mm                   Name(s) of Author(s), 
                                  Institution (to be completed by presenter) 
                                  W691mm x H100mm

W841 mm  x  H1089 mm

  • The presentation must cover the same material as the abstract submitted.
  • Posters should be clear and easy to read. Any figure/image should be included in a way so that it proportionally matches the original poster size.
  • The poster should be easily readable at a distance of two metres. Use suitable font for poster content, headings, title etc. Use upper and lower case for general content. Avoid using a mixture of type/font styles for content. For TITLE, characters should be a minimum of 48 point font size. For HEADINGS, 48 to 60 point font size is recommended. For CONTENT, 24 to 32 font size is recommended.
  • Posters must be displayed prior to the scheduled poster session and will remain displayed until the end of the session. The presenting author is expected to be present at the poster during the session in which the poster is included.
  • The title, the names of the authors and their affiliations at the top of your poster. You might also like to include a small photo of the presenting author to help other delegates identify who they want to talk to during the session! You can also put asterisk (*) sign to indicate presenter.
  • Do not mail your poster to the conference meeting site, as there will not be anyone to accept your presentation at this location. But you must need to submit your poster abstract in the conference site through Abstract Submission system before the abstract submission deadline. You also need to mention that you submit this abstract for a poster session.
  • Posters has to be printed at your own expense.

Eligibility and Award Information

Aim: To promote the use of poster presentations and encourage the participation of all delegates in the poster sessions.

Eligible: Only students whose poster accepted for presentation during a poster session but abstract submitted before the abstract submission deadline-- October 31, 2019. Students should be belonging to final year undergraduate, graduate, MPhil or PhD programs.

Prize: Certificate.


A sub-committee of at best five members drawn from the International Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee will evaluate all poster award applicants. Committee members evaluate papers anonymously, scoring them on a scale of 1-5 based on the following criteria. Judging will take place during poster sessions at the conference.

Originality: How original is the concept presented in this poster? Or, how original is the new approach to an old problem?

Significance: Does the work offer new insight into an area of Statistics, or does the line of work offer considerable promise for the future?

Presentation: How logical are the ideas presented in this poster? How interesting is the manner of presentation?

Methods: How suitable is the research design for the stated objectives, and how appropriate are any statistical techniques applied?

Poster Quality: Were the design, layout and format of high quality?

Interview: How knowledgeable and conversant is the presenting author with the research presented in the poster?